The Past Couple Of Weeks…

Posted: February 19, 2011 in Football


So I guess after 4 games and .00000000004% of a fifth someone thought that I was a player to watch, AYYEEEEE ( apparently that is the cool thing to say according to my teammates like ” o, that’s great” lol) The best part about receiving the award was I able to be around a bunch of great athletes/people. Sitting to the right of me was Troy quarter back Corey Robinson who I almost got him to say “go bucks” at the end off his speech in which I was almost certain that the OSU fans in the audience would charge the podium in enthusiasm! To the left of me was Mack and his son Stone(picture below) who was a riot the whole night.

The next weekend I was invited to attend the Archie Griffin Big Ten Icon banquet which was one of the coolest things I’ve ever attended with Posey and Boom. The banquet was at the student union and it mainly consisted of watching the show then having Archie and some of his old teammates talk about their experiences with Archie. It was a great experience to be able to hear what everyone had to say. The biggest thing I took form the banquet after everyone talked about Arch was that his intangibles is what made him great, for example they talked about how he always “emptied the tank” in WHATEVER he did and always stayed humbled.

Then I took a break and gained some LB’s for Valentines day!

Finally the seniors and I went to the veterans hospital where we showed our support and signed some autographs!


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