Brother Darryl and Smash

Posted: February 26, 2011 in General

Since someone has voted on “my life” in the poll (even though I know it was my mother) I have decided to put up pictures of my brother Darryl (my dad calls him that but I don’t know why?) and my sister, Ashley. Growing up we hated each other like any other loving family that consisted of my brother suffocating me with blankets and not letting me out, which made me claustrophobic for the rest of my life and my sister being a “princess”.  After about 19 years we started liking each other and now we are pretty close. I think one of the reason we didn’t like each other was because of these haircuts we kept getting back in the day

I know what you are thinking and yes, I am prettty sure that is a mullet on ALL of our heads.

These days my sister is the sweetest thing on earth even though I’m a normal brother and can be mean sometimes (I am pretty sure that it is in the younger brother’s job description to be mean). I usually go to my brother’s house or he comes back to my parents every time I come  home to hang out even though we are socially very different. (I am an introvert and he is very extroverted).

  1. Randy Cozad says:

    Wow just think, a new place I can make fun of you.
    It’s not the haircuts, But were did your mom score those cool shirts.

    • Okay, for the record… none of you had mullets… you and Michael had a cute little shaggy cut that was very popular and Ashley slept all night with sponge curlers which was a total flop and so her hair is pulled back in a cute little matching bow that sadly, you cannot see.

      Those couture outfits were made by a woman in Africa… Your grandmother Dunn lived there for 6 months on a sabbatical from UC to help Daystar University set up a co-op program and also to serve as a missionary for her church. I sent her your measurements and a friend in Nairobi made them… by the time she got back, everyone had grown and they were almost too small – you all only wore those precious outfits one time for that treasured photo, but I made sure to save them for your kids to wear 😉 Ha!

  2. TylerTime26 says:

    Haha Randy I was thinking about you when I was putting pictures up of my train. I remember when Matt and I were little we would go into the basement and play with your trains.

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