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Well, after one week of constant headaches, aching teeth and random bleedings – I am still alive!  The biggest low of the whole experience was googling my symptoms and clicking on  ‘,.  This guy had me freaking out for about 2 days straight when my incisions wouldn’t quit bleeding. Lol, I know, I worry a lot. I get a headache and I think I have another subdural hemo-something – not really, but speaking of which; I am pretty sure “he” is in jail for the third time since the 1st round KO, via my personal tweeter aka Amy Moeller.

ANYWAYS, I promise I will start posting more regularly for Spring Ball, or should I say Ice Bowl 2011, which is starting tomorrow!

I’ll have updates and new videos soon for the following: (I’m sure you are anxiously awaiting for them, lol)

  • Trip to Dallas with Jaimie last week!
  • More wisdom teeth drama….jk
  • Spring Ball
  • and last but not least…MY TRAINS!! Even though I have not have had much time to work on it!

Speaking of trains, I’ll end on a video of my Grandpa’s layout that my uncle Craig just posted. See the opening in the middle towards the end? That’s where I would stand on a chair for hours playing when I was little. Hope you enjoy!


My Teeth Hurt!!

Posted: March 24, 2011 in General

Today I finally got my wisdom teeth pulled! Jaimie was telling me that it wouldn’t hurt; that when she got hers pulled she was eating steak later that night. Well I’m pretty sure she is full of S***  lol, because IT HURTS!! I just tried to eat something before I pop my first miracle pill and couldn’t even do that! I think part of the problem why I am having a hard time is because they has to trim off a little part of my jawbone to get to one of my wisdom tooth, at least that’s what they told me that so they could charge me an extra $300 dollars for that tooth. I am pretty sure the rest of the day I am just going to buy Netflix and eat some gelato when I feel a little better. I also might start reading this book that the coaches wanted us to read over the break.

I don’t know too much about the book just yet, but I do know it’s about 6 influential historical people and how the DECISIONS that they made changed history. It seems like it’s going to be pretty good, even though I am not a big reader.  Last week I also checked out the last ‘Harry Potter’ book on audio tape. Don’t judge. Off topic I know, but I checked it out at one of the Columbus libraries which was surprisingly very easy to do with a great selection of CD’s, movies, and books. Oh and it’s FREE.

I haven’t been posting for a while – I apologize if you keep coming back and looking at the same thing. FYI… if you decide to subscribe,  it will inform you when I have added a new post! Was that a good sale pitch? lol. Well anyways, it is spring break and Dallas was a blast (post about that coming soon). I have been hanging out since I got back with Jay’s family, Connor, and my MOM (my dad is in Vegas on “business”), so I haven’t had much time to post! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather!!! It was hailing here yesterday and is freezing here today.

…Did I tell you I have to ice my chipmunk cheeks every 15 minutes for five hours straight too? Extremely ANNOYING

Yesterday,  my finals were over and my spring break began with a BANG! The first thing that Connor and I did immediately after my final was go to Dewey’s Pizza in Grandview and eat a 17 inch pizza, Calzone and two salads to make the meal healthy! lol.

I highly recommend getting their Bronx Bomber, SO GOOD.

We ate just about everything and went back to the apartment to play Call of Duty and act like 10 years olds. What I mean by acting like 10 years olds is we drove to Connors brothers house while he and a couple of people were watching the bachelor on DVR (about 20 minutes behind the actual live show) until Spencer says ” Con, I think you have out-stayed your welcome”. So we went home and watched the end of the bachelor live, so we could call Spencer and say “Hey bro, Sorry to break the news but the blonde won.” lol. Yes, I know… extremely immature, but so funny at the same time. After that episode, Karma decided to catch up with me and sent me here……..


It turns out that I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled :/. I delayed going home by a day to be checked out by the OSU dentists and then decided I would just get them done at home so my mother and Jaimie would take care of me! I’m getting that done next week. Tonight I’m at home for a birthday dinner for me and my grandma. The next stop on my spring break itinerary is Dallas!

Jaimie’s mother, who I have not yet met, lives in Dallas, so Jaimie and I are flying out tomorrow morning to hang out for the weekend! I always love going to new places and experiencing what the place has to offer, plus I have cowboy boots that I rarely get to wear and they are just like wearing gym shoes there!

Stay tuned for pictures while I am in Dallas and I might just let you on my secret to save millions!! Well, maybe not millions, but how to get crazy deals like my recent 72 yankee sample candles for 9.99!

Traditionally, the night before our last home game – this year it was the night before the Michigan game, just before we go to bed, Coach Tressel shows us a video featuring our seniors parents. This is a very emotional video for both seniors and underclassmen because it brings a sense of the end coming soon and it makes us want to win the last home game that much more, just for those seniors. My parents were originally  in the video but the week before the game the NCAA granted me a 6th year, sooooo they were cut out. The video was just posted on YouTube and I thought I’d share.

Okay, back to studying for my last final before Spring Break. Check out the video and wish me luck for this 9:30 am, Operations Management test I have to tomorrow!!

Connor Smith running his 40.

It finally hit me today that everyone I came in with has officially left me! At the beginning of the day I was sad to see everyone I’ve grown up with in the past 5 years, get prepared to leave The Ohio State University and pursue an NFL career without me. However, at the end of the day I could not be prouder of the way these guy’s hard work  has payed off. Just about everyone from my class attended Pro Day except Malone, Miller, and Sika. I was highly impressed with the way everyone prepared for Pro Day as well as their performance at the event.

Notable performances that I had the opportunity to see were Devon Torrence, who ran a 4.55 (something like that) forty and did the drills like a pro. On the O-line Connor Smith look great in drills while Justin Boren’s forty time was greatly improved from the Combine.

Everyone did great, BUT my MVP of Pro Day goes to this man…

(Sorry for the short post, but it is finals week! I will put more up later about Pro Day!)

Today is my 23rd birthday and it is going terrible with the exception of a few things! I woke up at 4:50 hit snooze, over slept and luckily woke up at 5:15 for 6am workouts. I came home took a two hour power nap and have been studying all day for my final tomorrow night! I still have class at 5:30 and a DB (defensive backs) dinner at the Buckeye Hall of Fame grill (I think that is what it is called)? I did however trick my Mom into telling me what she got me! It kinda went like this on the phone and yes, I know I am a BRAT :)…

(ring, ring, ring)

Mom: heyyyyyy!!!

Me: what am I going to do with this gift?

Mom: what do you mean?

Me: like I dont get it, why would you think I would like this?

Mom: really, I thought you loved fruit?

Me: Muahahahahahahahahahahahaaahaahahhaahahaha got you!

Mom: you are a brat! (click)

followed about an hour later with…..

( 🙂 loooooooooooove my mom)

And then Con and I got back studying…

O ya, and almost forgot Im pretty sure Ali (Jaimie’s god daughter) tried to give me her Disney dvd after I asked her what Disney show she was watching. That counts as a present right? But if not they sent me a Video, so this definitely counts!


That is how my day is going so far, how about yours?!

If It Tastes Good, Spit It Out

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Football

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that my birthday wish was to be in shape for the “7 days of horror” or 6am’s as most people call it. After two days of workouts I have came to the conclusion that my birthday wish did not come true at ALL, not even by a little. Today we had 8 agility drills that I was hurting at the end of it, luckily we had push ups at the end which were not too bad. All people are different, some think pushups and sit-ups are hard and will start puking if they do too many like some did today but I can do a million pushups or sit-ups and be fine. On the other hand quick sprints make me tired and if I do many I will end up laying my lunch out on the field! After finding out on friday that my conditioning is terrible I decided to go on a diet hence the title, “If It Tastes Good, Spit It Out”. If there is one thing I love about my life is the food I eat and like most people if I love it and it taste good, I probably shouldn’t be eating it. As you can tell already I hate diets but I figure I have one more year guaranteed to play football and I don’t want to have any regrets so Im going to force myself to do it! After I met with our strength coaches I went to the grocery  and it was not as bad as I thought it would be, I actually kind of like most of the stuff and I still get to eat CHIPOTLE!!!!!. My Diet kind of goes like this….

Breakfast: 5 hardboiled Eggs, bowl of Silk cereal with blueberrys (antioxidants), and a banana or orange.

Looooove Vanilla Silk.

Lunch: 5 dollar foot looooong with some pistachios

Dinner: CHIPOTLE!!!!!! I can also substitute it with 12 california rolls or rice and chicken

Snacks: My snacks include a bagel with peanut butter, fruit, and protein shakes

Vitamins: Fish oil and I need to find some good Amino Acid pills!

I had this monumental weekend planned that consisted of meeting with my strength coach to make a diet plan on friday, Arnold Classic Saturday morning, Parents and Jaimie(girlfriend) coming saturday night to go out to Montgomery Inn for my birthday, and finally the Train Expo on Sunday! Wellll now I’m doing my diet on Monday, my mom and Jaimie have the flu and I decided the Arnold Classic and Train Expo would be too crowded to go to. All this means is that I have been BORED, really really bored! So, I woke up this morning and have just been doing nerdy train stuff and cleaning the house when I came along these still in the package..

Should I bust these bad boys out for the Michigan game next year??!! lol. What do you think?

I guess since none of you voted on “trains”  in my poll you don’t really want me to post about them and just want me to post about football, lol. WELL thats not going to completely happen BUT I have found some old videos of New Orleans this year and made a little clip out of them! Hope you enjoy! If you like the video put my link on your Facebook wall or twitter!!!

My First Video.

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Trains

So I thought I would try my imovie application for the first time on my Mac and take a couple of shots of my train! I didn’t have much time to do it or to type this because my 315 pound roommate/best friend/teammate since 6th grade wants to go to the grocery (the market?, grocery store? We Cincinnatians like to call it that and I guess some people think that is weird?).  I guess I better go, I am getting some food to show our strength coach too so I can get on a diet with food that I actually like!  Too bad I probably won’t be allowed eating any of  it though lol but its worth a try!