My Mountain/Hill/Tiny bump is almost finished!

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Trains

Yesterday my teacher decided to cancel class because we have three papers due on Wednesday, which gave me plenty of time to work on my Trains!! O yea, If you are wondering NO I have not started writing my papers yet since Teague commented that I needed to party more and this is how I party instead of going wild/crazy/ham on some Four Loko’s (I guess that is what a lot of people are drinking these days??) lol. ANYWAYS, I started painting my tunnel entrances, I decided to mix a bunch of different grays together just like my grandpa did on his layout which I think turned out pretty good.

After the tunnel turned out so well I decided just to finish the whole front of the mountain and paper mache all of it. While the paper mache turned out good on the mountain, it did not look as good on the ground when about half of it was dripped all over my carpet!! SO excited to clean up that mess!

I also decided to re-do a building, install a track where when the train passes a door opens in a house, and I set up some lighting but I will show that in a later post as I am in class right now!!

  1. craig Dunn says:

    You are a Jock Nerd! Jerd 😉

  2. trains suck says:

    your blog sucks

  3. Drew Basil says:

    dude i love reading about your train updates your the man

  4. TylerTime26 says:

    Train Sucks, Thank you for taking the your time and commenting on my Blog!!!!

  5. Spencer Smith says:

    Tyler this is really coming together well. After reading your blog about skiping papers and studying to work on your sweet train set, I hope you can contribute to the team GPA by adding .3 to your autum quarter GPA (coach J.). Go Bucks.

    -P.S. let me barrow some wifi

  6. Ashley says:

    This is awesome! I can’t believe how fast you taught yourself how to do this. I think your blog is sweet by the way, and anyone who takes the time to go to your site, read it, AND comment that it sucks, is obviously a really cool person that does really cool things is life. Wish i could be more like that….

    What is four lokos or whatever that post said? I am missing out on that. Let me know when you are coming to Cinci so we can celebrate your birthday! Maybe I will make you a train birthday cake! haha

  7. Denny says:

    Kind of curious how you feel about the queefcore band ‘Train’.

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