Click On My Apple Link!

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Trains

I purchased an Ipad in late december then noticed that a source said that the Ipad 2 was in production so a day later I packed it in the box, sold it on craigslist and luckily made 45 dollars off the transaction to put towards a new phone that I bought off craigslist too! ( YES I use craigslist all the time and NO I have not been robbed yet and YES I know I am a nerd or jerd?) Well as I finished paper #1 of 3 thats due at 5:30 today I went onto and saw that they are releasing the Ipad 2 march 11! (birthday present to myself? maaaaybbbe)  So if you like the Ipad the new ones are coming out for only 499 or you can head to craigslist and get an old one for probably around 200-250! The only thing bad about Apple always coming out with new stuff is that I just bought a Macbook Pro in January and they just came out with a new one a week ago! So I guess it is off to craigslist again tonight…


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