My Birthday Wish

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Football

Imagine yourself waking up at 5 in the AM, grabbing a bite to eat and driving to the football facility. You arrive, jump in the hot tub for about 10 minutes and then stretch on your own for another 20 because you are a 6th year senior, AKA you’re old. You make it out to the field to join the team and find the safeties to complain a bit about how early it is while getting ready to run.  The clock starts with a little over than an hour on it and is divided into sections for each coaches group we have to go to. There are no breaks – you run to one drill and then on to another; each consisting of agility drills that the coaches make up.

That is me after doing a drill. I think I was thinking something like “please don’t pass out in front of the media, please don’t pass out in front of the media, please don’t pass out in front of the media”. Finally, once you have done the drills you have the “finisher” which is the drills times 10. An example would be backpedaling every white line on the field in a drill is named the “snake”.

Now after all that, imagine not doing anything for 6 months last year, then kind of getting into shape and then not doing anything for 3 months this year and having to do it on Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and finishing Saturday. SOOOO my birthday wish for myself (march 9) is to magically get in shape in the next 2 days or get moved to the Offensive line for two weeks!

  1. Heath Schneider says:

    “please don’t pass out in front of the media, please don’t pass out in front of the media, please don’t pass out in front of the media”

    That’s great!!! Happy Birthday!

  2. Katie Moore and Family says:

    Happy Birthday, from Katie and Abby Moore and family! Thanks for the Brutus toys! They are the best! -Katie and Abby

  3. Thank You for the birthday wishes and you are welcome, I hope they enjoyed them.

  4. Spiritbuck says:

    Big Fan of Tyler’s!

    Looking forward to seeing Tyler running around like the Tazmanian Devil on the field next year!

    We need you back to lead this bunch!

    Love the football stuff – write more. Trains is good too !

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