My First Video.

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Trains

So I thought I would try my imovie application for the first time on my Mac and take a couple of shots of my train! I didn’t have much time to do it or to type this because my 315 pound roommate/best friend/teammate since 6th grade wants to go to the grocery (the market?, grocery store? We Cincinnatians like to call it that and I guess some people think that is weird?).  I guess I better go, I am getting some food to show our strength coach too so I can get on a diet with food that I actually like!  Too bad I probably won’t be allowed eating any of  it though lol but its worth a try!

  1. Nutty Joseph Moore says:

    You really just got into trains? A real good start, I must say. More detail and the rail around the room is not a beginning track! Good on ya.

    • I did, I just started right after our bowl game. My grandpa knows a lot about trains so he told me how to do everything. I wanted the rail to go around my entire room at first but i thought that might be a little too much to start with! I have an extra 200 feet of track so I might complete the rest later on..

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