I guess since none of you voted on “trains”  in my poll you don’t really want me to post about them and just want me to post about football, lol. WELL thats not going to completely happen BUT I have found some old videos of New Orleans this year and made a little clip out of them! Hope you enjoy! If you like the video put my link on your Facebook wall or twitter!!!

  1. Cheryl weichmann says:

    Tyler ur video rocks. Tell CJ I can help him with his rap. I love my Buckeyes and guys sweet congrats on the win against Arkansas. Love to all…Buckeye Born, Buckeye Bread nothing but Buckeyes going through my head. Scarlet and grey is my way of life I thrive and strive on any strife. Come my way and u will see that Buckeye Nation is the place to b. Love ms ohio

  2. J Mo says:

    Great blog. Keep up the good work. I think I’m the first person to give your website a hit from Russia. I’m not Russian – live in Columbus and stuck here for the next couple weeks for business.

    Take care and Go Bucks!

  3. Thanks, it is a work in progress right now so I am still trying to get everything figured out! Did you already buy a mink hat for that great weather over there??

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