If It Tastes Good, Spit It Out

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Football

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that my birthday wish was to be in shape for the “7 days of horror” or 6am’s as most people call it. After two days of workouts I have came to the conclusion that my birthday wish did not come true at ALL, not even by a little. Today we had 8 agility drills that I was hurting at the end of it, luckily we had push ups at the end which were not too bad. All people are different, some think pushups and sit-ups are hard and will start puking if they do too many like some did today but I can do a million pushups or sit-ups and be fine. On the other hand quick sprints make me tired and if I do many I will end up laying my lunch out on the field! After finding out on friday that my conditioning is terrible I decided to go on a diet hence the title, “If It Tastes Good, Spit It Out”. If there is one thing I love about my life is the food I eat and like most people if I love it and it taste good, I probably shouldn’t be eating it. As you can tell already I hate diets but I figure I have one more year guaranteed to play football and I don’t want to have any regrets so Im going to force myself to do it! After I met with our strength coaches I went to the grocery  and it was not as bad as I thought it would be, I actually kind of like most of the stuff and I still get to eat CHIPOTLE!!!!!. My Diet kind of goes like this….

Breakfast: 5 hardboiled Eggs, bowl of Silk cereal with blueberrys (antioxidants), and a banana or orange.

Looooove Vanilla Silk.

Lunch: 5 dollar foot looooong with some pistachios

Dinner: CHIPOTLE!!!!!! I can also substitute it with 12 california rolls or rice and chicken

Snacks: My snacks include a bagel with peanut butter, fruit, and protein shakes

Vitamins: Fish oil and I need to find some good Amino Acid pills!

  1. Nutty Joseph Moore says:

    Chipotle hot sauce will make the reverse eat a toughie! Ouch!

    Read some on scout.com and caught some pics and vids of the 6 am-ers. Was wondering how your chest was doing with all the push ups.

  2. EvanRVice says:

    I love your blog Tyler. I blog on the same website, actually. Anyway, good to hear you’re doing well. Keep writing, it’s fun to read!

  3. Craig says:

    Also try Egg Beaters instead of the Hard Boiled eggs, all of the protein and none of the cholesterol. You can make a big Omelette with Cheese and add Ham, mushrooms etc…..easy and quick to make in an 8″ Omelette pan.

  4. I did not do any of the push-ups, I am still on the little kid ones with my knee’s touching lol. It is feeling a lot better but it is a very slow rehab. Craig I am not allowed having cheese!!!!!!! I forgot to mention that but I know im going to go crazy because thats my favorite food.

    • Craig says:

      No Cheese? I would go crazy as Chedder on my omelette and Muenster as a snack is part of my No Sugar diet. A glass of milk has 12 grams of sugar and Cheeze has “0” with all the protein…..

  5. mike says:

    i think after my fourth hard boiled egg, i would start puking.

  6. Thanks Evan, Im still trying to figure everything out on this site. I stopped at four today because Im pretty sure I would of puked on the 5th one Mike lol.

  7. Uncle Bob says:

    happy birthday tyler

  8. Greg Makoski says:

    I admire your perseverance and heart.. If all 105 buckeyes had half the heart you do we’d be national champs every year.. The blog is tite and I love the videos..

  9. ashmoe says:

    does this mean I get the rest of your aqualife now?

  10. Spiritbuck says:

    Find your thoughts entertaining and delightful – – keep them up.

    Make this year your best !

    Your hard work and attention to detail will pay dividends later.

    Be a Leader!

  11. The Mayans were Wizards. says:

    You need to look into taking Spirulina and tell the rest of the team about it. You may win a national title even with all the negative nellies like Bruce Hooley trying to burn the program down.

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