Connor Smith running his 40.

It finally hit me today that everyone I came in with has officially left me! At the beginning of the day I was sad to see everyone I’ve grown up with in the past 5 years, get prepared to leave The Ohio State University and pursue an NFL career without me. However, at the end of the day I could not be prouder of the way these guy’s hard work  has payed off. Just about everyone from my class attended Pro Day except Malone, Miller, and Sika. I was highly impressed with the way everyone prepared for Pro Day as well as their performance at the event.

Notable performances that I had the opportunity to see were Devon Torrence, who ran a 4.55 (something like that) forty and did the drills like a pro. On the O-line Connor Smith look great in drills while Justin Boren’s forty time was greatly improved from the Combine.

Everyone did great, BUT my MVP of Pro Day goes to this man…

(Sorry for the short post, but it is finals week! I will put more up later about Pro Day!)

  1. Donnie Ray Evege says:

    They all did Great and I agree…they all worked hard!

  2. ed cicale says:

    Good stuff!! I hope you’re recovered from your injuries and ready to rock!

  3. DJ says:

    Thanks for sharing! Great stuff. Keep it coming.

  4. Heath Schneider says:

    Great vid…I think it was a Tyler Moeller production, right? Ha!

  5. Craig says:

    Dang, Video looks great! Better than my Microsoft videos, I need a Mac!

    Post some more.

  6. They all did a great job!!! Noooooo, It was a TylerTime26 production lol

  7. Uncle Bob says:

    Thanks Ty. Connor looks FAST.

  8. ashmoe says:

    hahaha that video is awesome! teach me!

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