My Teeth Hurt!!

Posted: March 24, 2011 in General

Today I finally got my wisdom teeth pulled! Jaimie was telling me that it wouldn’t hurt; that when she got hers pulled she was eating steak later that night. Well I’m pretty sure she is full of S***  lol, because IT HURTS!! I just tried to eat something before I pop my first miracle pill and couldn’t even do that! I think part of the problem why I am having a hard time is because they has to trim off a little part of my jawbone to get to one of my wisdom tooth, at least that’s what they told me that so they could charge me an extra $300 dollars for that tooth. I am pretty sure the rest of the day I am just going to buy Netflix and eat some gelato when I feel a little better. I also might start reading this book that the coaches wanted us to read over the break.

I don’t know too much about the book just yet, but I do know it’s about 6 influential historical people and how the DECISIONS that they made changed history. It seems like it’s going to be pretty good, even though I am not a big reader.  Last week I also checked out the last ‘Harry Potter’ book on audio tape. Don’t judge. Off topic I know, but I checked it out at one of the Columbus libraries which was surprisingly very easy to do with a great selection of CD’s, movies, and books. Oh and it’s FREE.

I haven’t been posting for a while – I apologize if you keep coming back and looking at the same thing. FYI… if you decide to subscribe,  it will inform you when I have added a new post! Was that a good sale pitch? lol. Well anyways, it is spring break and Dallas was a blast (post about that coming soon). I have been hanging out since I got back with Jay’s family, Connor, and my MOM (my dad is in Vegas on “business”), so I haven’t had much time to post! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather!!! It was hailing here yesterday and is freezing here today.

…Did I tell you I have to ice my chipmunk cheeks every 15 minutes for five hours straight too? Extremely ANNOYING


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