It’s Called Four Impacted Wisdom Teeth With Two Pieces of Jawbone In The Way…

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Trains
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Well, after one week of constant headaches, aching teeth and random bleedings – I am still alive!  The biggest low of the whole experience was googling my symptoms and clicking on  ‘,.  This guy had me freaking out for about 2 days straight when my incisions wouldn’t quit bleeding. Lol, I know, I worry a lot. I get a headache and I think I have another subdural hemo-something – not really, but speaking of which; I am pretty sure “he” is in jail for the third time since the 1st round KO, via my personal tweeter aka Amy Moeller.

ANYWAYS, I promise I will start posting more regularly for Spring Ball, or should I say Ice Bowl 2011, which is starting tomorrow!

I’ll have updates and new videos soon for the following: (I’m sure you are anxiously awaiting for them, lol)

  • Trip to Dallas with Jaimie last week!
  • More wisdom teeth drama….jk
  • Spring Ball
  • and last but not least…MY TRAINS!! Even though I have not have had much time to work on it!

Speaking of trains, I’ll end on a video of my Grandpa’s layout that my uncle Craig just posted. See the opening in the middle towards the end? That’s where I would stand on a chair for hours playing when I was little. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Cheryl weichmann says:

    OMG Tyler the train display is by far the most intricate design I have ever seen. It is just Amazing. My Uncle Duke worked and retired from the railroad system and he loved trains, but he worked so much he could not make time to do what ur grandfather has created. He did however collect trains. I can only imagine the fun u had growing up with ur grandpa. I recently had a wonderful five day visit with my grandfather. He is the coolest, most important man in my life besides God himself. He left yesterday on his way back to Gahanna, the man is 88 and still drives down to see me and my husband once a year. We dont have trains in common but we have cards, fishing and alot of jokes and memories.
    Glad to know u r still alive and the bleedings stopped!
    Be careful with Spring Ball.
    Tell Jaimie a fan of urs and the Buckeyes say hello. I cant wait for u to post pics of Dallas and Spring Ball….oh wait how was the visit with Jaimie’s family? Do u like them? Remember Ty when u marry Jaimie u marry the family.

  2. LAAAAAAMO says:

    LAAAAAMO Post something………………

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