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My mom and I were sitting down talking today as she showed me all her new articles about me and the team – like I don’t know what is going on with the NCAA and the media’s relentless persecution of The Ohio State Football Program. As she rambled on about the articles she read and pre-season magazines (lol, I know it’s pretty real in the Moeller household), we came across video of The Ray Small TV interview where he retracted his words after saying all those things about The Ohio State and our team. This got me thinking… with all this continuous DRAMA surrounding the program, I had decided to stay out of  it by not say anything publicly, which is why I deleted my Facebook page and have not been blogging… today I changed my mind.

I think many people, because of this new age of social media, have this perception that there is this big underground black market of Ohio State Football memorabilia sold by CURRENT Ohio State football players. People believe we live our “lavish” lifestyles because of special discounts and selling of personal items. I guess if Ray Small is a credible resource to get all your information from then these are probably a figment of your imagination….

…and yea, IF you think someone else was a good person to get information from, than you are probably jealous of my “lavish” lifestyle that includes going without AC in my Olentangy Commons luxurious apartment for over a month, yep… pretty lavish. 

I could talk in depth about the allegations by the NCAA which were SELF REPORTED, but I don’t think the NCAA or Ohio State would appreciate it but still, I would though like to point out a few things:

1. Coach Tressel is a better person than most people can ever dream about becoming and has helped me grow as a person since my first day at Ohio State. Yes, he made a mistake that has been blown out of proportion, but one mistake does not define a person. It’s funny, I walked into church last Sunday to find Coach Tress worshipping in the front row – 20 minutes early so he could give a speech to our group because a student intern asked him if he would come talk to us. That is just one of the things he does all the time that people don’t see. They don’t see the 1000’s of hours he has spent with young children, sick patients, our armed forces, etc…  Sadly, many just see a coach in a sweater vest that “lied”.  They miss the great man that gives back to the world 24/7 and helps young kids like me grow into men; even the ones that everyone had already given up on like Ray Small. 

2. To the Gold Pant’s Committee: We treasure our gold pant’s and UNDERSTAND the depth of what they mean, look at our record.

3. I drive a car my parents bought (my uncles old car) and they pay for my cell phone bill, car insurance, and health insurance. I live off campus in a dump apartment that hasn’t had screens in the windows or sliding door since we moved in while the AC  has been broke for a month. I haven’t been out on the town socially in over a year and thankfully, my girlfriend isn’t into that knight and shining armour 50’s bullcrap, so we usually split the bill 50/50 when we do go out to dinner. Still, because I live in Columbus full time for school and football, by the end of the summer I’m often asking my parents to help me out a little.

4. ^ In reference to Number four many kids that come into the program are not fortunate enough to have the support system that I do. I understand their hardship and until you walk in their shoes, maybe you shouldn’t judge them so harshly on mistakes they make when they are young. Additionally, I understand that NCAA rules are in place for a purpose, but can you imagine being a player and watching calendars and photo’s of yourself being sold and auctioned off for lots of money, but you can’t even get a picture yourself  to hang on your personal wall unless you pay for it at full retail? If I bought one from the dispatch I would have to pay $14.99 for a 5×7 of myself? Is that right?

5. You can take what I said out of context or you can say whatever you want because your basketball bench riding career is over and you have to talk about this stuff to keep to veiwers. I totally understand that keeping the drama alive keeps the $$$$ rolling in and your boss happy. It’s okay, I understand, WE understand and it’s not going to break us, you’ll see.


Traditionally, the night before our last home game – this year it was the night before the Michigan game, just before we go to bed, Coach Tressel shows us a video featuring our seniors parents. This is a very emotional video for both seniors and underclassmen because it brings a sense of the end coming soon and it makes us want to win the last home game that much more, just for those seniors. My parents were originally  in the video but the week before the game the NCAA granted me a 6th year, sooooo they were cut out. The video was just posted on YouTube and I thought I’d share.

Okay, back to studying for my last final before Spring Break. Check out the video and wish me luck for this 9:30 am, Operations Management test I have to tomorrow!!

Connor Smith running his 40.

It finally hit me today that everyone I came in with has officially left me! At the beginning of the day I was sad to see everyone I’ve grown up with in the past 5 years, get prepared to leave The Ohio State University and pursue an NFL career without me. However, at the end of the day I could not be prouder of the way these guy’s hard work  has payed off. Just about everyone from my class attended Pro Day except Malone, Miller, and Sika. I was highly impressed with the way everyone prepared for Pro Day as well as their performance at the event.

Notable performances that I had the opportunity to see were Devon Torrence, who ran a 4.55 (something like that) forty and did the drills like a pro. On the O-line Connor Smith look great in drills while Justin Boren’s forty time was greatly improved from the Combine.

Everyone did great, BUT my MVP of Pro Day goes to this man…

(Sorry for the short post, but it is finals week! I will put more up later about Pro Day!)

If It Tastes Good, Spit It Out

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Football

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that my birthday wish was to be in shape for the “7 days of horror” or 6am’s as most people call it. After two days of workouts I have came to the conclusion that my birthday wish did not come true at ALL, not even by a little. Today we had 8 agility drills that I was hurting at the end of it, luckily we had push ups at the end which were not too bad. All people are different, some think pushups and sit-ups are hard and will start puking if they do too many like some did today but I can do a million pushups or sit-ups and be fine. On the other hand quick sprints make me tired and if I do many I will end up laying my lunch out on the field! After finding out on friday that my conditioning is terrible I decided to go on a diet hence the title, “If It Tastes Good, Spit It Out”. If there is one thing I love about my life is the food I eat and like most people if I love it and it taste good, I probably shouldn’t be eating it. As you can tell already I hate diets but I figure I have one more year guaranteed to play football and I don’t want to have any regrets so Im going to force myself to do it! After I met with our strength coaches I went to the grocery  and it was not as bad as I thought it would be, I actually kind of like most of the stuff and I still get to eat CHIPOTLE!!!!!. My Diet kind of goes like this….

Breakfast: 5 hardboiled Eggs, bowl of Silk cereal with blueberrys (antioxidants), and a banana or orange.

Looooove Vanilla Silk.

Lunch: 5 dollar foot looooong with some pistachios

Dinner: CHIPOTLE!!!!!! I can also substitute it with 12 california rolls or rice and chicken

Snacks: My snacks include a bagel with peanut butter, fruit, and protein shakes

Vitamins: Fish oil and I need to find some good Amino Acid pills!

I had this monumental weekend planned that consisted of meeting with my strength coach to make a diet plan on friday, Arnold Classic Saturday morning, Parents and Jaimie(girlfriend) coming saturday night to go out to Montgomery Inn for my birthday, and finally the Train Expo on Sunday! Wellll now I’m doing my diet on Monday, my mom and Jaimie have the flu and I decided the Arnold Classic and Train Expo would be too crowded to go to. All this means is that I have been BORED, really really bored! So, I woke up this morning and have just been doing nerdy train stuff and cleaning the house when I came along these still in the package..

Should I bust these bad boys out for the Michigan game next year??!! lol. What do you think?

I guess since none of you voted on “trains”  in my poll you don’t really want me to post about them and just want me to post about football, lol. WELL thats not going to completely happen BUT I have found some old videos of New Orleans this year and made a little clip out of them! Hope you enjoy! If you like the video put my link on your Facebook wall or twitter!!!

Imagine yourself waking up at 5 in the AM, grabbing a bite to eat and driving to the football facility. You arrive, jump in the hot tub for about 10 minutes and then stretch on your own for another 20 because you are a 6th year senior, AKA you’re old. You make it out to the field to join the team and find the safeties to complain a bit about how early it is while getting ready to run.  The clock starts with a little over than an hour on it and is divided into sections for each coaches group we have to go to. There are no breaks – you run to one drill and then on to another; each consisting of agility drills that the coaches make up.

That is me after doing a drill. I think I was thinking something like “please don’t pass out in front of the media, please don’t pass out in front of the media, please don’t pass out in front of the media”. Finally, once you have done the drills you have the “finisher” which is the drills times 10. An example would be backpedaling every white line on the field in a drill is named the “snake”.

Now after all that, imagine not doing anything for 6 months last year, then kind of getting into shape and then not doing anything for 3 months this year and having to do it on Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and finishing Saturday. SOOOO my birthday wish for myself (march 9) is to magically get in shape in the next 2 days or get moved to the Offensive line for two weeks!

The Past Couple Of Weeks…

Posted: February 19, 2011 in Football


So I guess after 4 games and .00000000004% of a fifth someone thought that I was a player to watch, AYYEEEEE ( apparently that is the cool thing to say according to my teammates like ” o, that’s great” lol) The best part about receiving the award was I able to be around a bunch of great athletes/people. Sitting to the right of me was Troy quarter back Corey Robinson who I almost got him to say “go bucks” at the end off his speech in which I was almost certain that the OSU fans in the audience would charge the podium in enthusiasm! To the left of me was Mack and his son Stone(picture below) who was a riot the whole night.

The next weekend I was invited to attend the Archie Griffin Big Ten Icon banquet which was one of the coolest things I’ve ever attended with Posey and Boom. The banquet was at the student union and it mainly consisted of watching the show then having Archie and some of his old teammates talk about their experiences with Archie. It was a great experience to be able to hear what everyone had to say. The biggest thing I took form the banquet after everyone talked about Arch was that his intangibles is what made him great, for example they talked about how he always “emptied the tank” in WHATEVER he did and always stayed humbled.

Then I took a break and gained some LB’s for Valentines day!

Finally the seniors and I went to the veterans hospital where we showed our support and signed some autographs!