I guess since none of you voted on “trains”  in my poll you don’t really want me to post about them and just want me to post about football, lol. WELL thats not going to completely happen BUT I have found some old videos of New Orleans this year and made a little clip out of them! Hope you enjoy! If you like the video put my link on your Facebook wall or twitter!!!


My First Video.

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Trains

So I thought I would try my imovie application for the first time on my Mac and take a couple of shots of my train! I didn’t have much time to do it or to type this because my 315 pound roommate/best friend/teammate since 6th grade wants to go to the grocery (the market?, grocery store? We Cincinnatians like to call it that and I guess some people think that is weird?).  I guess I better go, I am getting some food to show our strength coach too so I can get on a diet with food that I actually like!  Too bad I probably won’t be allowed eating any of  it though lol but its worth a try!

Today is truly a blessed day for TylerTime26 when at 1:14 am Donnie Ray Evege, the Public Relations director at Ohio State University and CEO of Strikethemic.com (a site like Bucknuts except better because you get closer to the athletes) subscribed to my site! This happened just after the site hit one thousand hits!!!

After completing a Trend Analysis of the site after 1,000 hits and celebrity subscriptions like Donnie Ray I expect there to be around a million hits at the end of the week and maybe the president himself subscribed by the end of the month?

Click On My Apple Link!

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Trains

I purchased an Ipad in late december then noticed that a source said that the Ipad 2 was in production so a day later I packed it in the box, sold it on craigslist and luckily made 45 dollars off the transaction to put towards a new phone that I bought off craigslist too! ( YES I use craigslist all the time and NO I have not been robbed yet and YES I know I am a nerd or jerd?) Well as I finished paper #1 of 3 thats due at 5:30 today I went onto apple.com and saw that they are releasing the Ipad 2 march 11! (birthday present to myself? maaaaybbbe)  So if you like the Ipad the new ones are coming out for only 499 or you can head to craigslist and get an old one for probably around 200-250! The only thing bad about Apple always coming out with new stuff is that I just bought a Macbook Pro in January and they just came out with a new one a week ago! So I guess it is off to craigslist again tonight…

Imagine yourself waking up at 5 in the AM, grabbing a bite to eat and driving to the football facility. You arrive, jump in the hot tub for about 10 minutes and then stretch on your own for another 20 because you are a 6th year senior, AKA you’re old. You make it out to the field to join the team and find the safeties to complain a bit about how early it is while getting ready to run.  The clock starts with a little over than an hour on it and is divided into sections for each coaches group we have to go to. There are no breaks – you run to one drill and then on to another; each consisting of agility drills that the coaches make up.

That is me after doing a drill. I think I was thinking something like “please don’t pass out in front of the media, please don’t pass out in front of the media, please don’t pass out in front of the media”. Finally, once you have done the drills you have the “finisher” which is the drills times 10. An example would be backpedaling every white line on the field in a drill is named the “snake”.

Now after all that, imagine not doing anything for 6 months last year, then kind of getting into shape and then not doing anything for 3 months this year and having to do it on Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and finishing Saturday. SOOOO my birthday wish for myself (march 9) is to magically get in shape in the next 2 days or get moved to the Offensive line for two weeks!

Yesterday my teacher decided to cancel class because we have three papers due on Wednesday, which gave me plenty of time to work on my Trains!! O yea, If you are wondering NO I have not started writing my papers yet since Teague commented that I needed to party more and this is how I party instead of going wild/crazy/ham on some Four Loko’s (I guess that is what a lot of people are drinking these days??) lol. ANYWAYS, I started painting my tunnel entrances, I decided to mix a bunch of different grays together just like my grandpa did on his layout which I think turned out pretty good.

After the tunnel turned out so well I decided just to finish the whole front of the mountain and paper mache all of it. While the paper mache turned out good on the mountain, it did not look as good on the ground when about half of it was dripped all over my carpet!! SO excited to clean up that mess!

I also decided to re-do a building, install a track where when the train passes a door opens in a house, and I set up some lighting but I will show that in a later post as I am in class right now!!

Brother Darryl and Smash

Posted: February 26, 2011 in General

Since someone has voted on “my life” in the poll (even though I know it was my mother) I have decided to put up pictures of my brother Darryl (my dad calls him that but I don’t know why?) and my sister, Ashley. Growing up we hated each other like any other loving family that consisted of my brother suffocating me with blankets and not letting me out, which made me claustrophobic for the rest of my life and my sister being a “princess”.  After about 19 years we started liking each other and now we are pretty close. I think one of the reason we didn’t like each other was because of these haircuts we kept getting back in the day

I know what you are thinking and yes, I am prettty sure that is a mullet on ALL of our heads.

These days my sister is the sweetest thing on earth even though I’m a normal brother and can be mean sometimes (I am pretty sure that it is in the younger brother’s job description to be mean). I usually go to my brother’s house or he comes back to my parents every time I come  home to hang out even though we are socially very different. (I am an introvert and he is very extroverted).


Posted: February 25, 2011 in General

Since there is now over 200 people who have visited my site I have decided it is time to add an option to subscribe to my blog!!! I know, this blog is officially legit.. The advantages of subscribing to my blog and commenting on my post is that I will start blogging more!! exciting, right??!!

The Past Couple Of Weeks…

Posted: February 19, 2011 in Football


So I guess after 4 games and .00000000004% of a fifth someone thought that I was a player to watch, AYYEEEEE ( apparently that is the cool thing to say according to my teammates like ” o, that’s great” lol) The best part about receiving the award was I able to be around a bunch of great athletes/people. Sitting to the right of me was Troy quarter back Corey Robinson who I almost got him to say “go bucks” at the end off his speech in which I was almost certain that the OSU fans in the audience would charge the podium in enthusiasm! To the left of me was Mack and his son Stone(picture below) who was a riot the whole night.

The next weekend I was invited to attend the Archie Griffin Big Ten Icon banquet which was one of the coolest things I’ve ever attended with Posey and Boom. The banquet was at the student union and it mainly consisted of watching the show then having Archie and some of his old teammates talk about their experiences with Archie. It was a great experience to be able to hear what everyone had to say. The biggest thing I took form the banquet after everyone talked about Arch was that his intangibles is what made him great, for example they talked about how he always “emptied the tank” in WHATEVER he did and always stayed humbled.

Then I took a break and gained some LB’s for Valentines day!

Finally the seniors and I went to the veterans hospital where we showed our support and signed some autographs!