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Well, after one week of constant headaches, aching teeth and random bleedings – I am still alive!  The biggest low of the whole experience was googling my symptoms and clicking on  ‘,.  This guy had me freaking out for about 2 days straight when my incisions wouldn’t quit bleeding. Lol, I know, I worry a lot. I get a headache and I think I have another subdural hemo-something – not really, but speaking of which; I am pretty sure “he” is in jail for the third time since the 1st round KO, via my personal tweeter aka Amy Moeller.

ANYWAYS, I promise I will start posting more regularly for Spring Ball, or should I say Ice Bowl 2011, which is starting tomorrow!

I’ll have updates and new videos soon for the following: (I’m sure you are anxiously awaiting for them, lol)

  • Trip to Dallas with Jaimie last week!
  • More wisdom teeth drama….jk
  • Spring Ball
  • and last but not least…MY TRAINS!! Even though I have not have had much time to work on it!

Speaking of trains, I’ll end on a video of my Grandpa’s layout that my uncle Craig just posted. See the opening in the middle towards the end? That’s where I would stand on a chair for hours playing when I was little. Hope you enjoy!